This information will help you understand what to expect as a new client of Advocates for Angels.

Valerie’s office hours are 8:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.  Unless it is an urgent situation or there are concerns regarding an IEP meeting scheduled for 8:00 the following day, please honor the hours that Valerie is available. When you leave Valerie a message, please allow up to 24 hours for her to return your call. Most week days, Valerie is scheduled in IEP meetings and might not be available to take your call.  In your message, please leave Valerie a time that you will be available for her to return your call.

When attending your child’s IEP meeting, please arrive 10 minutes early.  This will allow Valerie to review any last minute concerns and go over your agenda in preparation for the meeting.  Please wear conservative business attire.  If work schedules allow, please attempt to have both parents at your meeting.

All clients of Advocates for Angles are required to be an active participant in the IEP process.  Valerie will speak for you, with the expectation that your goal is to learn how to take her place as your own advocate for your child.  The first step in your advocacy education is to purchase the book “From Emotions to Advocacy” (FETA) written by Pete and Pam Wright, founders of the Wrightslaw Website.  You can purchase this book online or at your local bookstore and please sign up for the free “Wrightslaw” newsletter.  It is not possible for Valerie to fully and effectively teach you IDEA laws during the time she sees you at your child’s IEP meetings.  In addition to Valerie’s representation for you and your child, by purchasing, reading, and studying “From Emotions to Advocacy” you will receive the education and information required to become a knowledgeable and effective advocate for your own child.

Valerie has learned that the key to creating change through system reform in our community and local school district is for parents to be willing to give a commitment to take action and do the work.

Advocates for Angels provides a Client Reference List.  Potential new clients are invited to contact parents on the reference list to receive recommendation and information regarding their experience in working with Valerie Aprahamian.

A large part of the Mission of Advocates for Angels is to further promote the efficiency of parent advocates and build professional and collaborative relationships with local and surrounding school districts.  We have experienced a significant system change within the Inland Empire’s local school districts.  This reform has taken place over the past 10 years as a result of parent advocates working together.  As we continue to promote our efforts to provide inclusion for all children with special needs, “Advocates for Angels” strive to make a difference by educating parents and the public as well as continue to focus on expanding community outreach efforts.  Parent advocates are powerful when we team together.  It is the philosophy of Advocates for Angels, that we can truly make a difference in educating our local school districts and communities to be inclusive minded.  This is the only way we will be successful in creating equal opportunity to allow for increased independence in the lives of our special needs children.

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